Marley & Lockyer was started by Ness Lockyer in 2007 and launched the first online store in early 2008.

Ness' motivation behind Marley & Lockyer has always been the same...her belief that everyone should be able to afford beautiful, fuctional pieces to be used and loved everyday. This brought about the companies motto "live...beautifully!"

Marley & Lockyer pieces are entirely made by one pair of hands, Ness'. No machines, just a rolling pin, some antique linens, some brushes, and lots of love. All designs are drawn on by hand, making each piece totally unique.

The studio is based in the stunning Tamar Valley at Gravelly Beach, Tasmania, in a cottage on Ness' family farm, surrounded by orchards by the water. It's these surroundings that have strongly influenced the botanical nature of Ness' work.

All functional pieces are oven safe, food safe and dishwasher safe.